About Us

We may be new to you, but we've been producing exquisitely designed, trendy things, primarily in photo frames , for almost 15 years. Think timeless style, not rapid fashion, quality, not quantity, and a focus on detail in everything we do, from hand-finished frames to our best customer service. 

Wholesale and Sourcing of Photoframes , grocerys , Women's, Men's, and Children's Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty, Bags, Shoes, Home&Garden, Wedding&Party, etc. .

We believe in enjoying the basic pleasures of life - it's the little things that count. Precious moments of uncomplicated delight are our ongoing source of inspiration, and with these in mind, we design collections that are meant to last and become a part of our daily lives.

OpenStores brings to you the most innovative and problem-solving products to make your day to day life easy. Join the OpenStore family of more than 1000+ happy sellers/customers from around tamilnadu. 

A community-owned store is a store financed and owned solely by members of a community. Because residents own the store, they can tailor the store to meet the unique needs of consumers and can set fair prices. Also known as mercantile or general stores, community-owned stores are designed by residents to meet specific local shopping needs at fair prices.

Open stores buyers get a good return on the money spent as opposed to chain stores, the model can provide a considerable boost to a community’s economy.

We are thrilled to meet you; please enjoy your shopping!